Thinking on My Feet

When I first discussed heaven with my adopted daughter, it was to help her handle the enormous losses she had suffered, first and foremost being the death of her mother. I didn’t think about the theological implications — I was providing answers that would help her sleep at night. At first she wanted very simple things for her mother — a pretty house with a vegetable garden, enough food, clothing. I answered her questions like a champ, describing the floor plan of her mother’s cottage and the amenities there — running water, electricity, a refrigerator. She was comforted to think of her mother living in what she saw as luxury. Read More Thinking on My Feet

Record Machine: Top 5 Stevie Nicks Songs

About a month ago, in honor of her rejoining the band on tour, I talked about my favorite Christine McVie songs, but we can’t forget Fleetwood Mac’s other leading lady: Stevie Nicks. Though it’s difficult to pick just five songs, let me try.

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Record Machine: Mirage by Fleetwood Mac

Despite the success of the singles “Gypsy” and “Hold Me,” 1982’s Mirage is an under-appreciated Fleetwood Mac album when compared to the massiveness of their previous three. Some of its best songs were never singles, and one song became an electric experience during later reunion tours. For me, Mirage is one of their most enjoyable offerings.

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