New Show Recap: Elementary 2.3 “We Are Everyone”

The Elementary writing staff have once again taken the ripped-from-the-headlines tack that has worked so well for the Law and Order franchise by bringing the viewers a story about an employee at a top secret agency who leaked classified information to the public. Embedded in this episode are overarching questions about isolation and revealing one’s true self to the world. Read More New Show Recap: Elementary 2.3 “We Are Everyone”

News in Asia

I hope this week is starting off well for all of you. This edition is going to include some news about hackers, or “cyber terrorists,” more violence against women in India, and cool news on healthcare and literary fronts. Please note that this edition comes with major trigger warnings about rape and violence against women. Read More News in Asia

Holy Shit, My Favorite Site Got Hacked! part 2

Welcome to part 2 of my series on hacking. This entry will be about identifying how a hacker can put his grubby hands on your personal information and tips to protect yourself from them when it is possible.

There is 2 types of ways a hacker can gather information, one of them rely on hacking websites and servers that users don’t have access to, but use by browsing the web.  The other one is accomplished by accessing the users’s inputs. It is much easier to protect yourself if you have control over some aspect of this equation. Read More Holy Shit, My Favorite Site Got Hacked! part 2

Political Round-up: WikiLeaks, Tax Cuts, DADT and More!

This week’s smorgasbord of political odds-and-ends is brought to you by my short attention span. Plus, doesn’t it seem like lots of stuff is, y’ know, happening this week? It’s no ratification of a defense spending bill or passage of a long-overdue nuclear war treaty (hey, everyone’s too busy picking out the least offensive holiday knick-knack for the in-laws to bomb their frenemies anyway, amirite?), but for a Congress that might as well spend its sessions in a perpetual, partisan paintball war (face and groin shots highly favored, +10 for hitting that wily McCain who’s always changing the goalposts or declaring a rematch halfway through the game), it’s a nice little Christmas peace offering, like giving your kid a cat-shaped tin instead of the real cat they asked for (this happened to me). Read More Political Round-up: WikiLeaks, Tax Cuts, DADT and More!