News Appetizers: Greetings, Monday!

Mondays. What a ripoff. I mean, having to wake up and deal with the week ahead is hard enough, but then to check all your sources to see what’s going on in the big, beautiful world… oy. Yet, like a moth to a flame, we return each week, offering tidbits and bites of the world around us, for better or worse. Mostly worse. There seems to be a lot of worse. But fear not! We aren’t here to make your Monday even more Monday, only to bring you the current events with a touch of sass. Just a touch. So grab that cup of stale work coffee and swallow your dreams, here’s to the world around us!

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Miley Cyrus and the Bong Hit Heard ‘Round the World

You may have heard by now, if you read any B-class online news venues or follow gossip/celebrity blogs or have the audacity to check Google Trends, that Miley Cyrus was recently caught on tape smoking what sources say is salvia. This revelation set off a chain reaction of increased salvia sales (“We’ll have the stuff Miley was smoking!”), renewed interest in banning the drug in California, and, of course, the type of hysterical hand-wringing that can only accompany a famous, teenage girl doing something legal. Read More Miley Cyrus and the Bong Hit Heard ‘Round the World