5 Songs That Irritate the Activism In Me

When you spend a lot of time discussing and reading about social issues, entertainment is no longer viewed through the same lens. Sometimes overhearing the most seemingly benign pop song will irritate me, and I’m off on a rant… Read More 5 Songs That Irritate the Activism In Me

We Try It: 750words

I am working on my dissertation. Recently, a friend of mine, who is also working her way through graduate school, brought the website 750words to my attention. 750words hassles you into writing 750 words every single day. She had heard good things about it, and now, after nearly a month of use, I am here to tell you good things about it. Read More We Try It: 750words

Depression in the Recession

The last time I was unemployed was in the summer and fall of 2006.  When people use the term funemployment, well that’s what it was.  I relaxed, I read books, I went to yoga, I rode my bike.  I was stress-free.  I qualified for unemployment and food stamps, which covered my living expenses.  I wasn’t saving money, but I wasn’t going into debt either. Read More Depression in the Recession