Protect Yourself, Before You Wreck Yourself: Safe Oral Sex

Q. My boyfriend and I haven’t had sex, but we have done oral. I was talking to a friend recently about a female condom she had gotten as a joke-gift and I commented that it seemed like it would less effective and she said that it would be good for oral probably. I was surprised. You need protection for oral sex? I feel dumb for not knowing this or realizing this but seriously? You need protection for oral? Or is it, as my friend put it, “Just something that’s strongly suggested by doctors?” And if you do… and he and I haven’t been doing anything about that, with us both never having gotten this far before anyway, is there a risk of something? What’s the danger? Read More Protect Yourself, Before You Wreck Yourself: Safe Oral Sex

Fear of The Scarlet Letter “H”

Q. Logically, I know that if I can get a pimple/blemish on any other part of my body, then it stands to reason that my girl bits could also get what seems like a pimple. That doesn’t stop a small voice in me from freaking out, like, “OMG, I have some sort of horrible disease that I don’t know about,” even if every annual exam comes up A-OK. Put my mind at ease? Read More Fear of The Scarlet Letter “H”