The “House Hunters” Drinking Game

Oh, House Hunters. The show that puts clueless people who adhere to every gendered stereotype imaginable in the hands of the most grating and idiotic real estate agents on the planet and forces them to choose between three mediocre home options. Or whatever the official outline of the show is supposed to be.

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What I Watched Last Night: Property Brothers

Yes, well, it should be apparent that, coming fresh on the heels of my Holmes Inspection report last week, I have a bit of an HGTV addiction. Last night I got my fix in the form of a DVR-ed episode of Property Brothers. Read More What I Watched Last Night: Property Brothers

What I Watched Last Night: Holmes Inspection

I started watching Holmes Inspection (on HGTV) mostly by accident; my spouse loves it and sometimes sheer inertia would keep me on the couch when he would turn it on. Mike Holmes is a charismatic Canadian home builder/contractor who specializes in fixing the horrifying mistakes that other contractors made, and home inspectors missed. He shows the hapless homeowners just how bad their house is before proceeding to fix all of the problems with his attractive crew. Read More What I Watched Last Night: Holmes Inspection

Stereotypes on HGTV

Now that I’m in my 20s, my parents have abandoned the “no TV during dinner” rule. My mom and I love HGTV ““ the kind of voyeurism that’s perfect for us ““ and usually watch House Hunters or Property Virgins. The show sometimes shows single men and women, but mostly heterosexual couples are the hunters. Lately, the male and female stereotypes have become so obvious I’m wondering whether they are manipulated by producers. Read More Stereotypes on HGTV