Science News: 10/16/13

Welcome back to science news! This week, we’ve got a rundown of all the awful things the government shutdown has done to scientific research and more men who won Nobel Prizes (sorry, ladies!), but also a lot of cool findings from ancient history (the cave painters were ladies!) and some awesome videos about supervolcanoes on Mars and a SpaceX Grasshopper launch. Read More Science News: 10/16/13

Midweek News: Now with More Kittens

Read the news at your own risk. Then look at kittens follow for cuddly recovery.

Read More Midweek News: Now with More Kittens

Science News: 3/26/13

So many cool science stories this week! Conditions were right for there to have been life on Mars! Daisy Morris, dinosaur hunter, is the coolest 9-year-old on the planet. And can earthquakes really turn water to gold? Read More Science News: 3/26/13

Science News: 12/11/12

What do volcanoes on Venus, Voyager 1, President Obama, and killer catfish have in common? They’re all in this week’s science news update! Read More Science News: 12/11/12

Science News: 8/7/12

The Curiosity has landed! Mars, y’all!! And, you know, some other stuff happened too.  Read More Science News: 8/7/12

Science News Roundup: 7/10/12

What a week, y’all. We found out that the Higgs boson is real and that mermaids aren’t (I wish I were kidding about the latter, on multiple levels). And for the second time, I have to link to a BBC article about penguin poo. I’m starting to think they’ve got a fetish. Off we go! Read More Science News Roundup: 7/10/12

About the Higgs Boson by a Biologist

Unless you’re totally and completely uninterested in any news whatsoever, you’ve probably heard about the announcement from CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) that experiments in the Large Hadron Collider have found some pretty strong evidence for the existence of the Higgs particle. Scientists will spend several more months to fully confirm the discovery, but right now things are looking good. But, as with much theoretical physics (now no longer quite so theoretical),the question remains – why do we care? Read More About the Higgs Boson by a Biologist

Science News Roundup: 7/3/12

Happy Tuesday, science fans! I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend. Well, technically it was only one second longer than usual, due to a leap second being added to keep atomic clocks in sync with Earth’s slightly inconsistent rate of rotation. But I’ll take what I can get.  Read More Science News Roundup: 7/3/12