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Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Here’s our roundup of the best that ladyblogland had to offer.

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Dispatches From Ladyblogland Have Hugo Schwyzer Feels

The ladyblogosphere is very small. You’re always running into each other at twitter parties and leaning to your friend going, “I can’t believe they showed their face here!” Let’s see who came to the party this week, shall we?

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Best of P-Mag: That Hijab Thing

I am a big fan of getting both sides of the story. Likewise, I try very hard not to judge anything I don’t really know about. It is hard for a woman who has never worn one to see a hijab and not judge. Here, Olivia gives us a look “behind the veil.” Do I think women should be forced to cover their faces? No, but this post made me see that the veil in the same light as stay-at-home mothers. There is a very important difference between telling a woman that she doesn’t have to do something because she is a woman, and telling her she can’t do something if she wants to be a feminist. –SaraB Read More Best of P-Mag: That Hijab Thing

What Happens When a Queen’s Respect for a Culture Upsets Politicians

While I was supposed to be putting the final touches on a presentation on Sunday, procrastination on Twitter led me to the trending topic “Kamervragen PVV.” The PVV is the Dutch Party for Freedom, which is headed by Geert Wilders. This man and this party, to me, represent everything that is wrong with my country (well, perhaps not everything, but quite a lot). I’m generally of the opinion that engaging them in any way legitimates them, which is the last thing I want to do, but today I just can’t keep quiet.

“Kamervragen” (chamber questions) are instruments with which Parliament can keep tabs on the government and developments in society. Any member of Parliament can ask ministers or the prime minister questions about anything at any time, and these questions need to be answered within a 3-week period. When the PVV asks questions, you can be quite sure they’re absolutely ridiculous. Today’s questions did not disappoint. Read More What Happens When a Queen’s Respect for a Culture Upsets Politicians

So You’ve Decided to Wear Hijab: What To Expect

I am an unrepentant lover of the hijab. I love it when it’s dolled up, cascading, folded simply, slung loosely, tucked up under, or tightly wrapped around just the hairline. The colors, the fabrics; I can easily spend hours in a hijab store and never be satisfied. I have gotten them shipped in from Kuwait, parsed through them in Agadir, and bartered my ass off for one in Bursa. Read More So You’ve Decided to Wear Hijab: What To Expect

That Hijab Thing

Veiled threats, behind the veil, women who veil, unveiling the Middle East. Today we’re going to talk about veils, known colloquially as a hijab. How much political hubris a piece of fabric holds, how many assumptions, both cultural and religious, can be built into a loose cotton weave and just why are people so intrigued by the whole thing? Read More That Hijab Thing