Ladies Leading with Style

Hillary Clinton’s hairstyle. Michelle Obama’s sleeveless dresses. Justice Sotomayor’s bold and colorful suits. So often fabulous female leaders are judged based on of their personal style … yet we rarely seem to put their leadership styles under the microscope. Read More Ladies Leading with Style

Bitch: In Desperate Need of An Editor and a Soul

Sometimes in life, a book or song or film of such epically bad proportions falls into your lap that you find yourself practically obsessed with the magnitude of its “failure to launch,” trying to comprehend the unlikely combination of lazy editing, awful directing, and personally skewed authorial worldview that allowed the mess to ever coagulate and be foisted onto unwitting consumers. Read More Bitch: In Desperate Need of An Editor and a Soul

Unexpected Style Icons: Hillary and Anna

If you knew me in middle school and wondered who my style icon was, you’d probably have guessed farmer (by-product of being homeschooled: you wear a lot of plaid and overalls). When I didn’t look like I just got back from hauling bales of hay, I often sported a long-sleeved, plain black shirt with a black-and-yellow A-line skirt. Read More Unexpected Style Icons: Hillary and Anna