PoC News in America

We hope that everyone who celebrated Mother’s Day had a wonderful day! In their honor we start this week’s news with some stories about remarkable women.

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Movies and Music: The Hip-Hop* Blockbuster Single

*Based on the music in this post (Vanilla Ice, etc.), we’re using this term really loosely.

Growing up in the ’90s, I learned everything I know about music and pop culture through constant absorption of TV and movies. Movie soundtracks became pretty essential to my understanding of pop music. Most of the music I listened to in my early childhood were Bollywood soundtracks, so the shift from Bollywood to Hollywood was fairly natural.

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Dispatches from Ladyblogland

If anything captivated ladyblogland this past week, it was Ferguson. Our PoC news captured a few articles yesterday. I’ve rounded up a few, plus some other articles of interest.

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Azealia Banks’ “Broke With Expensive Taste” Finally Drops

On November 6, Azealia Banks finally dropped her debut album. We’ve been waiting for this album since she announced it in 2012; thankfully, it’s been worth the wait.

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As Guerreiras: The Badass Lady MCs of Brazil

I don’t speak Portuguese and I can’t pretend to be the biggest hip-hop expert in the entire world, but even I can tell that the female MCs coming out of Brazil right now are up to something special and that we should all be paying attention. These ladies are having a moment that reminds me of the late ’80s through mid ’90s musical reigns of Queen Latifah, Missy Elliot, and Lauren Hill. Not in terms of style — these are artists doing their own thing — but in terms of numbers, in terms of representation. Read More As Guerreiras: The Badass Lady MCs of Brazil

Lunchtime Poll: Hidden Talent

We all have amazing dreams we want to happen in our life. This week some of my dreams have come true. Some of my other dreams seem like they weren’t meant to be. I have always wanted to be a musician. I have tried playing bass and did so in a few bands but it was punk and I was terrible. I fancy myself a lyricist, but that doesn’t do me any good when I can’t write music. I am always awestruck by my amazing musician friends. That is ok though! Someone needs to be the consumer of the music and not the maker.  Read More Lunchtime Poll: Hidden Talent

30 Years of Music: 2012

2012 is very recent history, yes, but let’s pretend that this installment of 30 Years of Music is better than all the “Best Of” posts you saw last December and January. We’ve got indie hip-hop, dance party gems, and worry not, a fair amount of guitar too.

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Why I Love Rap Music

I’m just your average looking white girl who refuses to listen to anything besides rap. It’s one of those things that in part, I kind of can’t explain”¦ like, why do I like the color orange? Why do I like broccoli but not Brussels sprouts? It’s just a certain taste that I’ve come to acquire. On the other side of this reasoning, I’m really passionate about a lot of what hip hop music stands for, although the genre as a whole does tend to get dumped on a little excessively for being misogynistic and glorifying criminal lifestyles. But some of the things that hip-hop gets a bad rap for–no pun intended–are in fact some of the aspects I am absolutely in love with: the cockiness most rappers bring to their personas, the blunt, unforgiving nature of some songs, and just the fact that hip-hop uses a certain level of shock value to attract attention to the genre itself. Rap music is often rude, aggressive, and in-your-face and that’s the very reason I love it even when some songs are very problematic. Read More Why I Love Rap Music