Fun with Political Theory: Liberalism

At some point in politics and political theory, certain terms start to get bandied about, and like Inigo Montoya to Vizzini in The Princess Bride, you start to wonder if those words mean what they think they mean. You might think the same, so let’s have some fun with political theory and look at liberalism.

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A Map of the Unknown World

I got the original idea to write about Battlestar Galactica (BSG) and liberalism when I first began watching the series. When I wrote my initial post, I was testing the waters, and I was delighted to discover that Persephone is doing an entire recap series, so my idea to do several posts on this is feeling pretty genius right about now. My plan is to approach this by episode, but I won’t do every episode, because as great of a show as BSG is, not every episode is relevant to my interests. As always, beware of spoilers, and I appreciate feedback! First stop, “33.”

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