What War On Christmas?

Just like the swallows returning to Capistrano, or the first lilacs of spring, once a year you can count on a few pundits at Fox to resuscitate their complaints about the “war on Christmas.”  Once again, they claim their beloved holiday is under attack because a handful of atheists in Santa Monica lobby to remove a nativity scene from a city hall, or a suburban school changes its Christmas concert to a holiday concert.  Come on, O’Reilly – for several weeks, starting on Thanksgiving and often before, this entire country is covered in an avalanche of lit-up candy canes, giant inflated Santas, and dogs barking Jingle Bells.  You can’t go anywhere without being bombarded by Christmas – if it’s under attack, it’s doing pretty darn well. (As Jon Stewart pointed out, since this year “Black Friday” started on Thanksgiving, Christmas is now eating other holidays!) Read More What War On Christmas?

Tradition, Tradition! (or why Martha Stewart’s job is safe)

I’ve never been the Domestic Goddess type – I mean, I cook for my family and sometimes enjoy it, but I tend to stick to meals requiring a minimum of time and ingredients. Read More Tradition, Tradition! (or why Martha Stewart’s job is safe)

Jewish Country Music (??)

I’ve always loved country music for a variety of reasons. In addition to how many women artists there are (compared to other genres like rap and heavy metal), country music also has those wonderful harmonies, great use of humor, and unusually creative rhyme schemes (I love how a good country song can rhyme “pain” and “thing” – say those words with a twang and you’ll get what I mean!)

Read More Jewish Country Music (??)