Ten Songs Keeping Me Sane This Week: Holiday Songs Edition

The past week was an easy one for many Americans thanks to paid time off, school holidays, and ample amounts of food. Because I work retail, Thanksgiving week involved lots of work and not much food. As Black Friday consumptions creep further into Thanksgiving, I realize I food and family will probably not be on my list in the future. Read More Ten Songs Keeping Me Sane This Week: Holiday Songs Edition

I’m An Onion Roll On A Plate of Bagels

Barbra Streisand fans may remember that line as part of her tour-de-force, “I’m The Greatest Star” from Funny Girl. There are lots of times we all feel that strong sense of being different – being the only vegetarian in a house full of carnivores; the sole liberal in a conservative family or the only southerner in your college dorm; having a different nationality or sexual preference than the rest of your friends; being the only girl on the math team; or being the only woman in your office. And through experience, compassion, and tons of fabulous gay characters on hit TV shows, I hope we’ve all learned respect and tolerance for other people’s differences.

Read More I’m An Onion Roll On A Plate of Bagels

LTP: 12/9/11

There are a lot of classics associated with this time of year. Movies, music and television specials have become a large part of many families’ holiday traditions. Based on conversations I’ve had and heard this week, everyone has at least one classic that they really truly hate. Read More LTP: 12/9/11

Baby, It’s Still Cold Outside

With the blizzard in New Jersey stranding me in my home, today seemed like the perfect day to do a post on the song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” and guilty pleasures in general. I think I have listened to the Glee version of this song (and watched the clip from the episode) at least 60 times since the episode premiered. Read More Baby, It’s Still Cold Outside

Holiday Music that Doesn’t Suck

I’m a grinch. I don’t like the holidays. The holidays are a lot of scramble, cranky relatives, scheduling nightmares, budget worries and consumerism. By mid December I want to send Santa a text with everyone’s name in it to put on his naughty list. (Cut me off in traffic? COAL FOR YOU.) It would take more than Cindy Loo Who to make this heart grow half a size. Read More Holiday Music that Doesn’t Suck

Listening While Feminist: In Defense of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

Editor’s note: Please enjoy this featured post from our archives. 

I’m a pretty voracious consumer and critic of American popular culture. I’m one of those 3rd wavers who believes that the deconstruction of all aspects of pop culture is an important aspect of feminism or any sort of progressive movement. Read More Listening While Feminist: In Defense of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

See Ya Later, Monday

Are you sick of my yammering yet, dear readers?  Look at this, we managed to pull of a fifteen post day, because we rock.   Not only that, this right here is our 400th post.  We’ll be back tomorrow with another full day of magic, so y’all have a wonderful evening.  Read More See Ya Later, Monday