Let’s Try Some Mommy Peace for a Change

Do you know what I think should be added to the list of “Do not discuss at holiday parties”? Women and work. Namely, women and work and parenting. I think most women who are parents will agree, you find out who your friends are once you make a decision on how you will work, not work, or sometimes work after you become a mother. Read More Let’s Try Some Mommy Peace for a Change

Holiday Hosting – The Basics

I thought I’d write a few posts over the next week or two about hosting and attending holiday parties. This time of year, people’s calendars (and stomachs) fill up with one party after another. (I personally tend to lose track of dates and locations, and during the month of December I wish more than ever that I had a personal assistant.) Between work parties (if you can call them that), family shindigs, and gatherings with friends, it’s a lot to take in. Read More Holiday Hosting – The Basics