A Very Polack Christmas (Part 1)

It’s come to my attention over the years that my family has relatively unusual holiday traditions. For one, my family identifies as Polish, even though most of the younger generation are more typical American mongrels than straight out of Poland, and we make a big deal about celebrating Wigilia, the traditional Christmas Eve dinner. And we also own a funeral parlor. And some people think it’s strange that we gather for Christmas there. Continue reading

It’s All Pumpkin Pie and Football from Here

To all our American readers celebrating with family and friends tomorrow, have a safe, happy, and very tasty holiday.  We’ll have a little post from me in the morning, but otherwise we gave everyone tomorrow off.  We’ll be back on Friday with a lighthearted day, focusing on the food we all ate on turkey day, Black Friday adventures and little bits of other fun, fluffy entertainment all day. Continue reading