Persephone Travels: Curacao

In a maddening (“maddening”) situation of “someone has to do it,” I spent half of January on the island of Curacao (Dutch Antilles, not Cuba, etc). Mister Freckle and I thought it was a nice half way meeting point between the US and the Netherlands, the amazing island itself came later into the decision.

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Lunchtime Poll: How I Spent My Winter Break

P-Mag is back! Finding out I would be the first post of the new year felt like kind of an honor. Our winter break felt longer than it was. I think this perception is due to my work being overloaded during the holiday season. Working in the retail business is no cakewalk during the holiday season.  Read More Lunchtime Poll: How I Spent My Winter Break

Colonial Christmas With the Cranes

Sleepy Hollow is not only my new favorite show of the season but my new favorite show in a long time. The cast is fantastic, the writing is engaging if breathless, the effects are creepy,  and the stories are fun, weird, and off the wall. The writers play fast and loose with American history while getting the little details right for our man out of time, Ichabod Crane. I’ve had to step up my history game, too. I know about medieval and Victorian holiday celebrations, but what was Christmas like in Revolutionary War-era America?

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