News in Asia

Hello! Welcome to another edition of “News in Asia.” For all readers and unicorns in NYC and London, I hope Pride weekend was awesome! Orlando Pride doesn’t usually take place ’til fall, given the Florida summer, though Gay Days (which is separate from the official Pride celebrations) usually takes place late May/early June. I wrote this column months ago focusing on gay rights in Asia. Pride celebrations take place at various times of the year in different countries. The largest celebration is in Taiwan on the last Saturday in October with some 80,000 people in attendance. Read More News in Asia

News in Asia

Welcome to another edition of news from Asia. Unfortunately, some news this week could have found a place in Hillary’s “This Week in Misogyny,” (bless you for your work Hillary). Needless to say, trigger warnings apply.

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This Week in Misogyny: The Rest of the News Was Pretty Horrible, Too

Y’all, it has been quite the week. We actually have a little bit of good news, but the rest is pretty bleak. Of course, the killings in Santa Barbara dominated the news (meriting a separate post), but here’s everything else that you might have missed. (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.) Read More This Week in Misogyny: The Rest of the News Was Pretty Horrible, Too

Takedown: I’m Tired

This week’s crapdate, it looks like, is one of those gifts that keeps on giving. It comes from a blog post from 2009, and there is so much to tackle in it that it’s going to have to come in parts. Otherwise, you’ll suffer from rage fatigue, which is a constant threat for many of us, and I just can’t push you over the edge in good conscience. Read More Takedown: I’m Tired