End Of The Week News

Oh, lovely kids, rejoice! We have returned to another week of the news. Like the days that rise and fall, what happens in our world changes at the drop of a coin. Of course, it’s easy to wax poetic if you’re like me, who, in a recent attempt to indulge my sanity, has been avoiding the state of our world by binge-drinking cartoons and cat videos. Coping mechanisms, ahoy! Nonetheless, we come back to let you know what’s going on in this good world. Shall we? Read More End Of The Week News

Egypt’s New World

Pop quiz hot shots: How many ex-Presidents has the United States had?  If you answered forty-three then you are correct. Forty-three times in less than three hundred years of existence, the United States has transferred power from one person to another. Cabinets have been reshuffled, all manner of employees have been hired or fired, and very little unrest has been felt by its citizens. Many of us go about our daily life thinking very little about this fact and what an incredible privilege it is to live this way. Read More Egypt’s New World

This Despondent Despot

In the past two weeks, Egyptian protesters have jumped through a number of social barriers. At first it was simply a matter of apprehension. Could civilians really take the streets? Certainly past attempts have been met with harsh force and numerous arrests. But this time something was different. Instead of protests slowly losing momentum, this one only seemed to be gaining it. Read More This Despondent Despot

Political Roundup 1/28

We’re back with another litany of Congressional chicanery, including a bill to redefine the word “rape” and another to privatize Medicare and another to enslave politicians to corporate money, but don’t worry! There’s a funny Jon Stewart video to balance it all out (that will balance it all out, right?). Happy Friday, guys! Read More Political Roundup 1/28