The Five Stages of a Hot Yoga Class

I’ve started attending a yoga studio not too far from my house, and I kind of love it for several reasons. The first and biggest reason is the fact that all their classes are $5. All of them. Since it’s so cheap to take a class, the studio tends to draw a wide array of people from experienced yogis to newbies like me. That’s the second reason I love it. The studio has a greater diversity than most yoga studios I’ve gone to, and though the class types are limited, I have declared undying loyalty to this place. Read More The Five Stages of a Hot Yoga Class

In Defense of Bikram Yoga

Full disclosure: I am both a Bikram yoga instructor and an active participant in yoga competition. That doesn’t make me a fanatic, and that doesn’t make me an automatic asshole, as some would have you believe. But it does mean I love Bikram yoga in spite of all the baggage that comes along with it – of which there is sometimes a lot. Read More In Defense of Bikram Yoga