The “House Hunters” Drinking Game

[E] LizaJust for Fun18 Comments


Oh, House Hunters. The show that puts clueless people who adhere to every gendered stereotype imaginable in the hands of the most grating and idiotic real estate agents on the planet and forces them to choose between three mediocre home options. Or whatever the official outline of the show is supposed to be.

[E] LizaThe “House Hunters” Drinking Game

Guilty Pleasures: House Hunters

Hattie McDoogalPop Culture11 Comments


Actually, I’m not even sure I can count this as a guilty “pleasure” because an episode of House Hunters (on HGTV) usually ends up with me yelling at my TV. So”¦ more guilty, less pleasure.

Hattie McDoogalGuilty Pleasures: House Hunters