A 50-State Guide to the 2012 Election

By now, you most likely know who you’re voting for in the presidential election. You probably have an idea of who to vote for in your local congressional race and for the Senate if one of your state’s seats is being re-elected this year. When it comes to local elections, though, it can be harder to find information about who’s running, and ballot initiatives or propositions can be even more confusing (especially since they’re frequently worded in such a way as to be either deliberately ambiguous or to have inadvertent side effects). Below, you’ll find links to the official election guides and Ballotpedia pages for all 50 states plus DC, info on all Senate races and some significant House races, details on most of the ballot initiatives being decided across the country this week, and links to alternate voting plans for some states affected by Hurricane Sandy. Read More A 50-State Guide to the 2012 Election