Getting Ready for Baby

If your dog isn’t housebroken, don’t get pregnant. If your dog is protective, fearful, or neurotic, don’t have a baby. If your dog is not child-ready, don’t have a child in your home.

In an ideal world, the things in the preceding paragraph would be considered logical and not insulting. However, life isn’t logical, and people with unsuitable dogs end up pregnant. And unfortunately, people often handle this dilemma selfishly, stupidly, or naively. Too often, they handle it disgracefully. Read More Getting Ready for Baby

Housebreaking Your Simple Dog

There are all kinds of canine intelligence. There are some dogs who are brilliant problem-solvers. There are some dogs who are quick to learn commands. There are other dogs who are highly obedient. There are some dogs who are extremely emotionally intelligent. Read More Housebreaking Your Simple Dog