Why Housekeeping Can Be A Feminist Act

Last month, I wrote a guide to housecleaning in 2 hours or less (assuming a certain size of home, and certain duration of attention span, of course). Generally, the feedback I heard was positive; people found my experiences relevant and helpful to their own. On the periphery, however, was another story: of all things, my feminism was called into question. Something about how no one needed a progressive ladyblog telling them how to clean house.

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How to Get Your Whole House Clean in Two Hours or Less

I know I’m not the only one who does this: life gets busy and the house gets correspondingly dirtier and dirtier. You don’t want to give up your entire day off to cleaning it, so it gets worse. Pretty soon you’re out of clean dishes, clean underwear, and room in the garbage can. Here’s my surefire multitasking method of getting the whole house back into functional shape again in only two hours, so you can spend the rest of your day off watching The Cosby Show on Netflix Instant.

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A Selena Open Thread Means One Thing

Erasure.  Tonight, Erasure + ABBA, which equals awesome to the awesome power, or as I like to think of it, awfinity.   Read More A Selena Open Thread Means One Thing

TDG 2/10: Love Stinks

In yesterday’s daily goodie, we explored all sorts of different kinds of love songs.  I was delighted by your responses, and spent a longer time than I’d like to admit clicking through all of your suggestions on YouTube.  Today we’re going to explore the flip side, and put together the ultimate Persephone Playlist for those who’ll be in the box wine and VD open thread with us on Tuesday. Read More TDG 2/10: Love Stinks

Letter from the Editor

Good morning, or whatever time of the day it happens to be while you’re reading this.   Welcome to the brand new Persephone Magazine!  We’ll be doing our best to bring you fresh content all day, every day, at least once we work out the kinks.   I’m Ophelia Payne, your humble editor,  and I’m actually three people. Read More Letter from the Editor