We’re Liveblogging the State of The Union Address Tonight!

Check back here at 9 PM EST, when Selena and I will be offering up our wittiest, most insightful commentary about President Obama’s speech. We’ll attempt to balance out all the undoubtedly heavy topics he’s likely to discuss with our brand of levity, except when he talks about job creation, at which point I, for one, will probably just cry little underemployed ladyblogger tears into my beer. Or super-sweetened iced tea, as the situation calls for it. Read More We’re Liveblogging the State of The Union Address Tonight!

Joe the Bummer

So Joe Lieberman announced this afternoon that he will not seek a fifth Senate term in 2012. Since yesterday’s HuffPo story about his upcoming retirement received a whopping 5,000+ comments within 24 hours, it’s safe to say a lot of people have a lot of different feelings about this development. Allow me to out myself as a total political novice (or, more kindly, someone who didn’t start following politics until Obama’s historic run)–I have no idea what the big, effin’ deal is about Joe Lieberman. Read More Joe the Bummer