In Which A Humanist Takes A Religious Tangent

Whilst affairs of the United Kingdom aren’t necessarily a burning issue for many on Persephone, there have been happenings going on here that I figured may be on interest. The happenings? Belief by a group of Christians that they have been discriminated against because of their religion. And in turn, a belief that Christianity in the UK is being marginalised. Read More In Which A Humanist Takes A Religious Tangent

Caregiving: Strength and Faith

It is not an uncommon sight on support forums to see people giving advice that centres on keeping faith with their deity of choice. Or praying for strength, and so on. In an odd way, the world of mental illness – and specifically with this series – caregivers, can lend itself to the “there are no atheists in foxholes” concept. The thing is, the flip side is true, too. There are people who turn to religion in times of difficulty, I’ve also seen many a caregiver give up their religio, in the face of their difficulties. I don’t think one person is better than the other: we’re all caregivers, and we’re all human.

Read More Caregiving: Strength and Faith

Five Minutes In The Pharmacy

So the other day, I had a crisis of faith. Not necessarily the easiest feat for a Humanist to pull off, but I did my best. I was sitting in the pharmacy waiting for the pharmacist to make up a couple of Mr. Juniper’s prescriptions, and wondering whether or not to get the morning after pill. Read More Five Minutes In The Pharmacy

The Humanist And The Tooth Fairy

It’s happening. My baby is growing up. Juniper Junior has not long been five, and now has a wobbly tooth. A very wobbly tooth, as it happens. And there comes an issue: the Tooth Fairy. Some may remember from last Hogswatch, that I wrote about our experience as a Humanist family. But now we have a new experience: the aforementioned Tooth Fairy. Read More The Humanist And The Tooth Fairy

What Happens After Troy Davis

On Wednesday evening, at 11:08 pm, Troy Anthony Davis was executed, murdered, killed by lethal injection ““ whichever you feel best describes what exactly happened – in Jackson, Georgia. He had been imprisoned for twenty-two years, had three separate executions stayed, was a coach in the Savannah Police Athletic League, a once soon-to-be United States Marine Corp, a son, a brother, and an uncle. He was forty-two. Read More What Happens After Troy Davis