Record Machine: Oddball Flexi Discs

Flexi discs — those thin sheets of plastic or coated paper containing music and other recordings — used to be included in magazines, fan club gifts, or other giveaways. Their popularity waned once CDs took more of a market share in the ’90s, but now Pirate Press is reviving the format with releases from Deerhoof, Napalm Death, and Jack White. Recently, I unearthed a few releases from the late ‘70s hidden in my inherited collection.

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Science News: 8/28/12

Wow, science has been busy the last couple weeks! (Serves me right for taking a week off.) We’ll say farewell to Neil Armstrong, catch up on Curiosity’s latest activities, check out a new species of owl that’s just begging to be turned into a meme, watch some cool videos, and get updated on the latest health news. And much more! Read More Science News: 8/28/12

Science News: 8/7/12

The Curiosity has landed! Mars, y’all!! And, you know, some other stuff happened too.  Read More Science News: 8/7/12

Science News: 7/31/12

This week’s science news update is taking a walk on the weird side. Vampire stars, sneezing monkeys, and stargazing whales? Cool! We also have several hotly disputed studies that were released this week, which, if true, could change what we know about dark matter and early humans and if not, highlight the problems of rushing to press with controversial results. Read More Science News: 7/31/12