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Did everyone have a great weekend? This past week was busy, so let’s get to it!
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Food: Much and Little

When you see that spot of gray fur on a loaf of bread, do you: A) ignore it and eat the bread anyway, B) pick off the mold and keep the rest of the loaf, or C) throw away the entire loaf of bread?  Depending on your current situation, your choice may change. Consider this: 1 out of 7 people in the world is hungry, with many of those hungry people living in desperate poverty levels. I think about this fact, and then I look at western culture and try to understand why people opt for this procedure: Read More Food: Much and Little

On Primordial Hunger And Food Blogs

I’m the sort of person who reads food blogs when she is hungry. Obviously, I also cook when I’m hungry or order delivery, which is a cheap and easy option when you live in Beijing. But I need something to do in between the chopping and the frying and the waiting for the delivery boy who has my order of Korean fried chicken strapped to the back of his motorcycle.
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You Don’t Need More Self Control (Independence Day Edition!)

How often do you hear or say phrases like this?

“My eating is so out of control.” Read More You Don’t Need More Self Control (Independence Day Edition!)

Goodbye, Monday

We’re out for tonight, but feel free to hang out in the comments and in the forums (the link is right over there to your right.)  Keep your suggestions for Middlemarch Madness coming, Bee and Sara B. are working on a post for Wednesday afternoon that will list all the potential heroines broken down by genre.  Read More Goodbye, Monday