“Because I’m the Mom, That’s Why,” and Other Mom-isms

Black and white line drawing of woman pointing her finger. Text reads "because I said so, that's whyA friend of mine was recently horrified to hear herself actually say, “Because I said so” to her two-year-old daughter.  Jokingly, I told her that if her daughter protested she needed to pull out my own mom’s favorites: either, “If you don’t stop crying I’ll give you something to cry about,” and, “I’ll knock your teeth from here to China!”

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Television: Teacher, Mother, Secret Lover

So who here has ever tried giving up TV, either for a set period of time or permanently? The only time I ever tried was one year in high school when I gave up “active” TV watching for Lent. What that meant was I could never pick watching television as my own activity; however, if I was in a social setting and a TV was on, I didn’t have to leave. I actually stuck to it pretty well, and like all addictions it took a while for my hand to stop reflexively reaching for the remote whenever I was bored. Read More Television: Teacher, Mother, Secret Lover

I Used to Meet Her Every Thursday in the Afternoon

Good morning dear readers! How’s it going?  We are in the home stretch of this week where those of us in the US are still a little hungover from the turkey, sweet potatoes and pecan pie.  We’d like to wish everyone a very happy Hanukkah as we swing into another full day of interesting things to look at.  Read More I Used to Meet Her Every Thursday in the Afternoon

Monday, Monday

Good morning, readers! How was your Halloween weekend?  I’m a little hungover on leftover snickers bars myself.   I bet you noticed our brand new banner, it was created by Holly, who is the unanimous winner of our contest!  So congratulations, Holly!  You’ll be getting an email from me this evening with your iTunes gift card and the promo code for the iPhone game.  Woo! Read More Monday, Monday