Midweek News

It’s Wednesday! It’s news! I also believe in some corners of the worlds it’s Wine Wednesday. So go ahead and whine with some wine. Read More Midweek News

Science News: 4/23/13

News in the real world has been pretty terrible recently; mercifully, science has brought us some things to smile about. Mars probably isn’t gonna get smacked by a comet after all, wet washcloths do interesting things in space, and it’s ok to have the occasional drink when you’re pregnant! Read More Science News: 4/23/13

What is Climate Change’s Fault?

Climate change made me late for work. Climate change bought the last chocolate chip chocolate muffin. Climate change thinks my hair is flat and lifeless. Climate change told my boyfriend that he could do better. Climate change is the worst.

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How to Help Post-Hurricane Sandy

By now, you’ve no doubt seen the terrible images of Hurricane Sandy coming from the Northeastern US. I know many of you are probably looking for ways to give, but don’t know exactly where to start. Below is a list of places to which you can donate money, supplies, or if you’re nearby, your time.
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Science News: 10/30/12

Hurricanes in October! Earthquakes and tsunamis!  Sharks falling from the skies of California! Science news has gone wild this week! Read More Science News: 10/30/12

Open Thread Monday Night Flashback: Stormy Weather

Many friends and family member spent their weekend preparing for Hurricane Sandy. Here in the Midwest, we experienced a cool down, but we don’t expect any severe weather. A tsunami warning was issued in Hawaii, and there was an earthquake in Canada, too.  Read More Open Thread Monday Night Flashback: Stormy Weather