Record Machine: Odludek by Jimi Goodwin

Amazon’s mistake was my gain because I pre-ordered the CD version of Jimi Goodwin’s Odludek, and on the day of its release, I received the vinyl+download edition. I can always burn a CD for the car (for I am one of the last dinosaurs who still plays music such a manner), and now this column can talk about how bloody perfect this album is.

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Five Favorite Books: 2012

This year alone, I’ve read 77 books and so far reviewed 68 of them. More so than in years’ past, I’ve come across work that I want to shove into the hands of every reading adult I know. In Sara-praise, “I want to hug its face off” ranks highest. Here, then, are my most face-huggable books for 2012: Read More Five Favorite Books: 2012