Playing Pretend

I recently noticed something exciting: my son has discovered his imagination.

Callum just turned two, and recently he’s started showing signs of having a wild imagination. He opens his books to pictures of food and pretends to chomp down, usually expressing an enthusiastic “MMMMMM!” or a disgusted “bleccch!” He loves to feed us these imaginary food items and watch us pretend to retch or rub our bellies in enjoyment. He’s been drawing a lot lately, too. As I watch his clumsy toddler hands span across the page with his multi-hued crayons, I’m fairly certain he isn’t just drawing scribbles ““ in his mind, he’s drawing castles and dogs and Steve from Blue’s Clues. Read More Playing Pretend

Scenes That Instantly Ignite my Imagination

As a creative, daydreamy writer-type, it doesn’t take much to send my imagination swirling. But there are some things that are sort of dreamy little hot-buttons, and despite the fact that I’m An Adult now I still regress into childlike wonder whenever I see them. Read More Scenes That Instantly Ignite my Imagination


What is Immersion? Ever wonder why you totally love a story, games, TV show or movie, or why you have fond memories of them? Maybe it’s because of immersion. The feeling of “being there” with the protagonists. Feeling with them, thinking with them, living with them, immersed into their world. Read More Immersion

In Defense of Disney

Many people, who get to know my feminist, sarcastic, often-cynical self, are surprised to find out that I still love everything Disney. I love the old movies (some of) the new ones, and I absolutely LOVE Disney World. And yes, I mean Walt Disney World, the official name for the East Coast version of the park. For the uninitiated, the West Coast has Disneyland. (I not only have never been to Disneyland, but neither do I feel the need to. We have a Disneyland. We call it the Magic Kingdom.) Read More In Defense of Disney