Expat Ramblings: Make This Your Home

Summer’s over, and I’m back in England after four weeks of touring the old countries. We returned to glorious sunshine, well-rested and happy kids, but still… Read More Expat Ramblings: Make This Your Home

Expat Ramblings: Watching The English, Part 2

I’m so glad I came across Kate Fox’s book – being able to formulate and understand rules helps me a lot generally, and in this case I can finally put some things into words that have vaguely puzzled me for a while now. Yes, many things about the English are weird. So finally making sense of the weirdness comes as a relief. Read More Expat Ramblings: Watching The English, Part 2

Foreign Like Me: Reflections on Being a Minority

It was midnight and I exited the car fuming mad, almost to the point of shaking, yelling swear words and fighting the urge to kick the tire. I slammed the door and our taxi sped away. Turning to my boyfriend, I said, “It’s just not fair! We are good, honest people! Why does this stuff happen to us?” But I already knew the answer to my question; it happened because we are white. Read More Foreign Like Me: Reflections on Being a Minority

Your Weekly European Roundup

This week, more often than not, I was incredibly angry with what is going on in the world. Denmark wants to put border controls back up ““ oh, and they also want to cherry-pick immigrants and an opposition leader and his wife were sentenced by court in Belarus. Luckily, things like a beard world championship and the Eurovision Song Contest could make me smile a little.

Read More Your Weekly European Roundup

Buy Local

I’ve been meaning to write about the “Buy Local” trend for a while. You know which one, the pandering about eating locally grown/produced foods, buying clothes made within the community, etc. The reasoning behind it is quite logical, it makes sense in a sustainable kind of way. You support your local community, you support yourself (help create jobs, do your part to reduce carbon footprint, etc.). Read More Buy Local