Mughal Bread: Flat Bread fit for an Emperor

The Mughal Empire was founded in 1529 and at its height reached from Kabul (Afghanistan) to Kanyakumari (in the state of Tamil Nadu, in southernmost India). The Mughals were Persian and their cooks borrowed from Persian and Indian cuisine, leaving us with such beloved dishes as pulau, paneer, and biryani.

This bread recipe is from the 16th century book, Ain i Akbari by Abul Fazl. This translation is by David Friedman.

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Kickstartable: Twelve Complete Indian Feasts

Nom. Nom. Nom. This week’s Kickstartable project brings us to the kitchen. This project caught my eye last week because, well, it’s visually stunning. And Indian food is delicious. And I may have been hungry at the time. ANYWAY. Read More Kickstartable: Twelve Complete Indian Feasts

Food: Let’s Make Kulfi!

Kulfi. Sometimes known as Indian ice cream, this delicious dessert is one of my favorites. Thicker and creamier than ice cream or gelatto, it also often has flavors that are unusual in western supermarkets. It’s also supposed to be less complicated to make. And did I mention that it is vegetarian? (Not Vegan though, sorry!)

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Easy Chicken Vindaloo

I don’t know if this is the norm, but I live in the sticks, so when I want Indian food, I expect to pay about $45 for dinner (for myself and Future Mister, and there’s always leftovers, but that is still a bit pricey). So, what’s a girl to do when she’s in the mood for Indian food, but it’s two days ’til payday? Make it yourself! I came across this recipe while browsing the Epicurious app on my iPhone, and it turned out so good I just couldn’t keep it to myself. Read More Easy Chicken Vindaloo

Red Lentil Rice

Fall is here! That means hearty meals that keep you feeling full and warm. Around Seattle, we’re lucky to have access to a variety of cuisines, though I would not say we’re known for our Indian food. This lack of good curries and naan eventually drove me into the arms of this Red Lentil Rice recipe, otherwise known as Masoor Dal Pulao–a lightly sweet, highly aromatic dish that takes less effort than you might imagine to make. I’ve taken some time to make it my own and perfect it; it’s one of our staples! Read More Red Lentil Rice

Open Thread: Get it off Your Chest

For tonight’s open thread, I thought I’d start us off with some light venting. That way, I can face my Wednesday evening with one less burden on my mind. Feel free to join in so I’m not the only crankypants around here. Read More Open Thread: Get it off Your Chest