The Problem With The “Largest Study To Date” On Infidelity

In case this is your first time reading anything written by me — your humble narrator — let it be known: I’m wildly cynical. So it should come as no surprise that findings from what’s being touted as “the largest study to date” about infidelity have me simultaneously scratching my head and rolling my eyes. Read More The Problem With The “Largest Study To Date” On Infidelity

New Show Recap: Parenthood, 5×09 “Promises”

The first Parenthood of 2014 introduced some new plot lines and continue the train wreck that is currently Julia and Joel. We also got to see Crosby at a school fundraiser, which was definitely worth the price of admission. Zeek makes a friend, and Camille decides to extend her trip. Will she ever return? Read More New Show Recap: Parenthood, 5×09 “Promises”

This Week in Misogyny is The Tits

If there was ever a week to remember not to read the comments, it was this week. So much concern for Angelina Jolie’s boobs! And did you know feminism is to blame for gonorrhea and cheating husbands, while also being over? Neither did I! (Trigger warnings for the usual suspects apply.) Read More This Week in Misogyny is The Tits

Uncharted Territory

Four new notifications, and a new message. I click the small red 4, expecting the usual likes and comments.


She accepted my friend request.

My palms are suddenly wet, I can feel my heart pounding through my chest, for the millionth time in the past four days my cheeks have become uncomfortably hot. The internet is so slow, my fingers fumble, my mouse trips over the screen. Five seconds feels like a year, what does she have to say?

“Hi, of course I’d like to get to know you. Your husband and I are just friends.”

So it’s true. Read More Uncharted Territory

New Show Recap: “Political Animals” Pilot

Every once in a while, a new show comes along that, after you watch it, just makes you want to call everyone you know and ask them if they’ve seen it because you just have to talk to someone about it. My dearest readers, Political Animals is one of those shows. To quote our esteemed leader, Selena, “It’s delicious.” The chemistry of the cast is incredible, and the dialogue between Sigourney Weaver’s Elaine Barrish Hammond (EBH) and Carla Gugino’s Susan Berg is some of the best I’ve seen in a long time. The show is smart, funny, and sexy. It’s a show some of us have been waiting a while for. Read More New Show Recap: “Political Animals” Pilot

Dr. Susan vs. Dr. Laura: Surviving Infidelity

Another week, another interesting set of beliefs by Dr. Laura. This week, we actually sort of agree. In the big picture. But the devil is in the details, right? The topic: infidelity. This is taken from Dr. Laura’s blog, which I would advise staying away from in general unless you have a strong stomach. Read More Dr. Susan vs. Dr. Laura: Surviving Infidelity