Friday News Bites: Arts, SCIENCE! + More

Happy Friday and Happy Halloween, everyone! If you’re celebrating the holiday today, whether at a party or with your munchkins, I hope you have a fun time. We’ve got a lot of science-y links to cap off the week, as well as the usual mixed bag of things I found interesting. Let’s get to it.

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What I Watched Last Night: The International Space Station

No, I didn’t go see Gravity. I watched the actual International Space Station fly by my house; it’s become part of my daughter’s bedtime routine over the last couple of weeks. And it’s awesome! I tried to spot it a few times over the summer, but the long daylight hours limited my opportunities to see it (and there was no way I was keeping her up that late). Now that it’s getting dark earlier, it’s in a position for us to watch it almost every evening before the kiddo goes to bed. She’s a little bit obsessed with saying goodnight to the astronauts, and I love it. “Mommy, it’s a freakin’ space station!” Yes it is, kiddo. Read More What I Watched Last Night: The International Space Station

Science News: 4/23/13

News in the real world has been pretty terrible recently; mercifully, science has brought us some things to smile about. Mars probably isn’t gonna get smacked by a comet after all, wet washcloths do interesting things in space, and it’s ok to have the occasional drink when you’re pregnant! Read More Science News: 4/23/13

Science News: 2/5/13

Richard III was found under a car park in Leicester? Go home, Your Majesty, you’re drunk. Read More Science News: 2/5/13