A Brief History of Women’s History Month

Another year, another March, another Women’s History Month. Like many a feminist, I’ve participated in yearly celebrations and presentations celebrating the contribution of women to our society, but it’s only been recently that I realized I had no knowledge whatsoever of WHM’s history.

If there’s one thing I do know, celebrations of marginalized members of society don’t just spring out of nowhere, like Athena leaping from Zeus’s head. We are just not there yet. Not when a frequent reaction to WHM or BHM is, “Why isn’t there a White Guy History Month?” Not when there’s an actual national debate over where women should be mandated by the state to endure invasive and unnecessary medical procedures in order to procure another, legal medical procedure. If there’s ever been a year to throw a little light onto women’s issues, women’s desires, and women’s contributions to the world, this might be it. Continue reading