Dispatches from Ladyblogland: Workin’ Hard

Ladyblogland was really good this week. Really, really good. Get ready to bill a few hours of work this week to administrative meetings while you read these gems.

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Shake It Up In The Open Thread

I am opening tonight’s open thread with another song from my Zumba class.  1. Because I like it, and 2. Because I am proud of myself for asking the instructor for the name of this song, even though I felt like I had been really awkward the last time I spoke with her and wasn’t looking forward to another awkward interaction. It was still kind of awkward, but I got my song, so who cares?  Did you do anything you didn’t want to do recently and it paid off?  Talk to your Internet friends about it in the OT! Read More Shake It Up In The Open Thread

How to Feel Good About Yourself When You Don’t

I recently asked my friends, my internet friends that is–who asks their real life friends for advice these days?–what they do to make themselves feel good when they simply don’t.  Maintaining a positive self image is rough in a world in which we’re bombarded with eat this, do that, tan, don’t tan, have you tried Pilates?, eat dark chocolate, make dark chocolate face masks, wash your hair, don’t wash your hair, a lot of shampoos give you cancer, no seriously have you tried Pilates?,  you should eat better, don’t you find it oppressive that you’re the only person in your house that cooks?, I can’t believe you still do Pilates, you should really try cross training. You all know how it is. You live it every day. Read More How to Feel Good About Yourself When You Don’t