Persephone Pioneers: Poet and Educator Sarah Kay

I happened to open up my TED app one morning and saw a talk called “If I should have a daughter.” I clicked on it, thinking it might be interesting and twenty minutes, two spoken word performances, and one life story later, I was a sobbing mess who had a new idol: Sarah Kay. Read More Persephone Pioneers: Poet and Educator Sarah Kay

Help Wanted: Unemployed Lessons #2

Continuing our discussion from last week, we’re taking a look at the way potential employers can improve their hiring processes: ensuring they get the top quality candidates for their position, and that potential hires can maximize their search time and receive the same courtesy they are expected to exhibit.

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Make It Your Business To Support Women In Business

It’s well known that small businesses are often hit hardest in a recession; it’s a topic that’s attracted plenty of media coverage. But what hasn’t been much discussed is the unprecedented toll the most recent economic slump has taken on woman business owners. As the U.S. exited the previous recession of the early 1990s women began to increase their numbers among the small business owning population. This increase continued into and beyond the recession of the early 2000s. Read More Make It Your Business To Support Women In Business

Ladies Worth Knowing: Kenya (Robinson)

For the first ever Ladies Worth Knowing, I got the great pleasure and opportunity to interview Kenya (Robinson), a self-taught artist, working and living in Brooklyn, New York. Read More Ladies Worth Knowing: Kenya (Robinson)