Dispatches from Ladyblogland

There were some really interesting reads this week from all over. Did you read any of these while we were moving last week?

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Dispatches from Ladyblogland Fight the Tropes

The best thing this week is the product of Anita Sarkeesian’s tropes vs. women in video games work. There’s also some Bikini Kill awesomeness. Onward!

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Ask STFU Jezzies 2/24

Hey everyone! We have another Ask STFU Jezzies for you! I got a wide range of questions this week that I am excited about answering.  Read ’em! Read More Ask STFU Jezzies 2/24

Networkin’ It

Last time, I wrote about how using a recruiter may help pull you out of unemployment. Today I thought I’d focus on what probably is many people’s least favorite job searching tactic: Networking.

Networking is one of those nice, vague words (like “hooking up”) that can mean pretty much whatever you want it to mean. Universally, though, it’s used to describe the tactic of talking, calling, and emailing people you know in order to help you find a job. Read More Networkin’ It