Etiquette: I’d Invite All Of You!

There aren’t many events that require a formal invitation anymore. But there will probably be at least one time in your life that you have to create, send, and deal with the process of sending invites. Right now, I am helping to host a bridal shower on short notice. So I’ve learned a lot over the last couple weeks, and thought I’d throw the information your way. Read More Etiquette: I’d Invite All Of You!

Etiquette: Religious Events

Eventually everyone finds herself at a religious ceremony she doesn’t necessarily understand or agree with, and it’s important to behave like a decent human being. If you were invited to a religious event that you don’t necessarily agree with, chances are that it is a Big Fucking Deal to the person who invited you. It was such an important thing that religious boundaries are completely transcended for the day, and you have been included in what may be a big milestone in someone else’s life.  Read More Etiquette: Religious Events

The Lazy Lady’s Guide to DIY: Adventures in Gocco Printing

Ah, Gocco printers. If you’ve read a wedding blog in the last two years, odds are you’ve come across Gocco-ed invitations, whether you realize it or not. The Gocco printer is a self-contained screenprinting kit of Japanese magic. (That last part isn’t actually part of the definition, but it should be.) Read More The Lazy Lady’s Guide to DIY: Adventures in Gocco Printing