Women in Academia: What do you think are the biggest issues?

Last week I talked about the areas of overlap and divergence in the experiences of women in academia. In both the cases of overlap and divergence, some things are trivial and others are much more important. I mean, we could spend weeks talking about different coffee habits, coffee houses, coffee discounts, and other coffee-related differences and similarities across and within institutions. But that’s not particularly helpful (though, to be honest, now I am seriously craving a big cup of coffee). So today I wanted to talk a little about which of these areas are worth exploring further. Read More Women in Academia: What do you think are the biggest issues?

Questionable Quirks

Quirks, foibles, having a “thing” about something… when does it turn from an easy way for your friends to tease you to an Issue that needs Treatment?It’s a question I’ve been toying with recently. I have a few notable “quirks,” and have had them for years. Anyone who is close to me knows that, when I’m around, the following things are Not Cool: Read More Questionable Quirks

Unpacking Feminism’s Backpack

As a note, I will be using “we” in this essay. It’s difficult because “we” is not easily defined and I am not an authority. “We” will always be more complex than words can cover. “We” always lacks in various representation and “we” does not always cover “we.” I will use it in reference to mainstream feminism, “we” as those who align ourselves with that cause. ‘Cause “we” needs some work. Read More Unpacking Feminism’s Backpack

Women in Academia: Specter of Doubt

I’ve spent the last few days in a funk. Maybe it’s the resurgence of winter following  a brief taste of spring, or maybe it’s the idea that I am heading into the big time research stretch that will determine my Ph.D and career, or maybe it’s that I haven’t been getting enough chocolate cake lately. I don’t know. Whatever it is, it’s left me feeling slow and sluggish and a bit overwhelmed by this whole graduate school thing.

Read More Women in Academia: Specter of Doubt