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Book Review: “Keep Holding On” by Susane Colasanti

When I was a kid, the word “bully” wasn’t given the weight it is today. “Boys will be boys” was more the phrase of the hour – I heard it more than once from well-meaning teachers and defensive parents, even after I was assaulted by a group of classmates in junior high. To borrow a phrase from Dan Savage, it got better for me. Still hurts to remember. Read More Book Review: “Keep Holding On” by Susane Colasanti

Seven Tips to Surviving Colic: A Ladyguide

Let’s just get this out there up front: Colic is bullshit. For one, it’s not really a diagnosis. (Okay, so I know some docs say it’s reflux, but every baby has reflux [Hello? Spit up anyone?] so I think that’s a little too easy. And the medical community is mixed on this belief, anyway.) I believe it’s a state of being (read: crying) for some babies of a certain temperament when they are younger than three months (and sometimes longer for some poor mamas). And it doesn’t “just” mean crying. It means crying a ton – for hours and hours and hours (and hours) at a time. (My son’s record is eight, but his pediatrician knew of others who cried upwards of 12 hours. In. A. Row.) Not just because they need something. Not because they’re hungry or tired or hurt or gassy or whatever else their tiny lizard brains conceive of when they can barely focus on your boob. Nope. It’s just because they can. At least that’s the way it seemed to me when my sweet son was born screaming into this world. Read More Seven Tips to Surviving Colic: A Ladyguide