What It’s Like to Get an IUD

Two years ago, I got an IUD and it was the best thing I ever did. Ever since, I’ve become one of those proselytizing women who want to talk to you about Diva Cups in line at Whole Foods, except in favor of a small t-shaped baby-prevention device. Have you accepted IUD into your uterus as your personal peace of mind?

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Dispatches from Ladyblogland: Yay Feminism

I think my favorite article this week was about how institutionalized feminism prevents assholes from winning.

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For Those Who Have Considered Non-Hormonal Birth Control, When The Pill Isn’t Enough

Q. I have a birth control issue. I’ve gone through dozens of pills over the years and also tried the NuvaRing with no success; my usually-supercharged sex drive is always flipped on its ass, I become a mushy demon woman from hell, and the idea of being so much as touched by my s/o sounds abhorrent. It’s difficult for him to understand that he’s not at fault and frustrating because he’s”¦ well, primal, and needs to be sexed very regularly. Normally, that makes us perfect for one another, but it’s also why it makes this difficult. Read More For Those Who Have Considered Non-Hormonal Birth Control, When The Pill Isn’t Enough

A Good Vagina Doctor is Hard to Find

The other day I called up my medical office to make an appointment for a pap smear. A totally routine thing except this time, when I asked for my Nurse Practitioner, Melissa, I heard the dreaded news that she was no longer practicing there. My reaction to her leaving was kind of a surprise. I was legitimately upset. I have been seeing this NP for the entire time I was in grad school (so for a little less than two years). In those two years, she was honored with the difficult-to-achieve title of Awkwardette’s Greatest Vagina-Doctor of All Time. What made her the Greatest Vagina-Doctor of All Time? A few things.

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In Defense of Implanon

Let me start this by laying out the reason for my extreme prejudice against the Pill, and hence my search for alternatives: my sister and I, however loved once we were on the scene, were unplanned – in fact, we were actively being planned against. Since the Pill failed my mother not once, but twice (and she maintains she was using it correctly), hopefully it’s understandable that I am wary. Read More In Defense of Implanon

Have IUD, Will Travel

The IUD has suffered years of a bad reputation. Once lauded as the device that punctured a thousand wombs and rendered hoards of women sterile forever, its gradual re-acceptance has been gaining over the years. Read More Have IUD, Will Travel

A Womb of One’s Own: A Feminist on Pregnancy

Deciding to get pregnant during grad school is, quite possibly, the stupidest decision I’ve made in years, if not my entire life.  I’m studying an entirely unfamiliar academic field while my body feels like there is a tiny Courtney Love at the controls.  Read More A Womb of One’s Own: A Feminist on Pregnancy

“Why Can’t We Have Sex?”

We want to preface our response to this question with the reminder that neither of us are medical professionals of any kind. All of our ideas should be taken as suggestions of things to read more about on your own and/or to bring up to your doctor rather than actual diagnoses.

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