Friday News Bites: Syrian Refugee Updates, U.S. Open + More

Greetings, everyone. Here we are firmly into September, and hopefully those of you in super-hot weather will get a break soon. Let’s get right into this week’s news stories that caught my eye. Read More Friday News Bites: Syrian Refugee Updates, U.S. Open + More

Wimbledon, Anyone?

Some time during the 2004 Summer Olympics, I became a tennis fan. The Mister played tennis in high school and did a few more “official” junior tournaments, up until the point he blew out his shoulder. (Turns out, it’s not a good idea for a 16-year-old to have a 120 mph serve without resting properly. Who knew?) Later, he would still watch tennis, and I’d half-pay attention, but I didn’t really know the rules or any of the players. Then, the afternoon when Olympic tennis was on in 2004, I got sucked in. Match after match, country after country – the rules started to make a bit more sense. I was invested. Since then, it’s become about the only sport I watch, which is something my American football-loving mother may never understand.

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5 Worst Wedding Songs

Summer brings an onslaught of wedding invitations, as inevitable as the clouds of cicadas circling the South. Most of the time, weddings are pretty fun ““ beaming brides, grinning grooms, an air of celebration ““ but sometimes, the evening takes a turn for the bizarre. Read More 5 Worst Wedding Songs