The Music of My Youth: It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me

Recently I’ve been revisiting a lot of the music of my youth.  Usually when we say something like this, we are talking about our teen years, but I’ve been listening to the music that permeated the airwaves of my childhood.  I was born in the ’70s, so I’m talking about artists like James Taylor, Billy Joel and Elton John. Read More The Music of My Youth: It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me

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What’s in a name?  We’ve talked a bit about the last name issue (to change or not to change, that is the question), but I want to look at first names today.  As you can see, my name is Sara.  Now that I’m an adult, I love my name.  It suits me down to the ground.  Before I was born, my parents had decided that I would be an Erica if I was a girl.  I ended up being about two weeks late, and during that two weeks James Taylor and Carly Simon had a daughter who they named Sarah.  My parents heard the news on the radio and thought, “Hey, that’s a pretty name,” and the rest is history.  I firmly believe that I was late because I refused to come out till they gave up on the Erica nonsense.  (I should add here that I have no problem with the name Erica, per se.  I have met a number of Ericas and they wear the name quite well.  I just don’t think it would have suited me.)

Despite all this, when I was about ten I hated my name.  I thought it was stupid and I wanted to be called Sharon instead.  Why?  I have no idea.  I just thought it was way prettier.

SO – did you ever wish you had a different name?