How “Suits” Almost Lost Me

USA’s fast-paced, lawyer show Suits quickly hooked me when I began watching. Early on, the series centered on the professional relationship and friendship between hot-shot lawyer Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) and his genius protégé Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) who poses as a Harvard graduate at what is then the Pearson Hardman law firm. It’s your typical dude bro buddy show in a lot of ways with dubious applications of law to set it apart. But, this series featured the showstopper Jessica Pearson portrayed by my queen Gina Torres. Torres’s portrayal of one of very few Black women, real or fictional, to have her name on the door of a major law firm glued me in every week for two seasons.

Then the Suits writers damn near ruined it. Read More How “Suits” Almost Lost Me

New Show Recap: Suits 2.06 “All In”

The absence of our favorite sassy, red-headed assistant was noticeably felt in this episode. It’s becoming apparent how much of an anchoring presence Donna was in the life of Harvey Spectre as we see him make incredible gambles (literally) and become increasingly fixated on the idea of winning at all costs. Though Donna’s absence is disheartening to those of us who loved her, we do get to Jessica being the ultimate HBIC. This episode shows that women can be just as ambitious and ruthless as men. Read More New Show Recap: Suits 2.06 “All In”