People You Meet in a Group Interview

Group interviews are a special brand of terrible. There is no great way to distinguish yourself without sounding like a complete asshole. Everyone is clearly in competition with each other and it’s all the worst parts of any reality competition. Forget empty collegial chatter, no one is here to make friends.

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Diversifying Your Skill Set

I have been job searching in the Midwest for almost a year and a half. With varying degrees of seriousness and intensity, because job searching makes me want to bludgeon other people or myself, and it’s best for my mental health to take breaks sometimes. Read More Diversifying Your Skill Set

Adventures in Job Searching: My Most “Interesting” Interview

Since I’ve put in a considerable amount of effort into looking for a job the last few months, I’ve been on a few interviews. Most were your standard job interview where I was required to list my strengths, weaknesses and where I saw myself in five years. Read More Adventures in Job Searching: My Most “Interesting” Interview

Ladyguide: Resume Tips

I read a lot of resumes. And I spent a lot of time perfecting my resume. As it turns out, I actually know a lot about resumes. (This was surprising to me, too.) Because it’s job hunting season, I thought I might throw out a few helpful tips (and pet peeves) when it comes to polishing your finest asset. (Other than your shoes.)  Read More Ladyguide: Resume Tips

Help Wanted

“At least stop crying, goddammit.” This, of course, only made me cry more. And the knowledge that I was wearing mascara and it would probably start running only made the feeling worse. There I was, sitting in my 14-year-old green Mercury Sable outside my favorite pizza place in the whole world, where they make GF pizza and have the best GF beer I’ve ever tasted, and all I knew was that I was ashamed of myself. I could conjure up no dignity at all.

I am a licensed attorney looking for a waitressing job. Read More Help Wanted

Handy Dandy Cool Jobs!

Halloween always reminds me of dressing up for When You Grow Up Day in elementary school. I dressed up as a ballerina, not so much because I wanted to be one but because I had a twirly skirt I wanted to wear. What did you want to be when you grew up? Did you have a definite plan that you dressed to match, or did you take a look at your accumulated costume box of education and experience and pick something that fit? They say that hardly anyone has a job that utilizes their college education these days, but looking even farther back than that, how well does your current or current desired career match what you wanted when you were a kid? Read More Handy Dandy Cool Jobs!

Cool Jobs Strikes Back!

Against unemployment! Against the clusterfuck of politicians trying to prevent Americans from, you know, getting jobs! Against boredom at your current job! At least I like to think so. Read More Cool Jobs Strikes Back!

Cool Jobs Returns!

Welcome back to Cool Jobs! Today’s selections include postings in education, new media, science, law, and more.

As a 20-something with no direction or purpose, I enjoy looking at interesting job postings to see what kind of requirements they have and what kind of things I should be trying to learn while I meander aimlessly through the rest of my liberal arts education. Read More Cool Jobs Returns!