Adventures in Job Searching: My Most “Interesting” Interview

Since I’ve put in a considerable amount of effort into looking for a job the last few months, I’ve been on a few interviews. Most were your standard job interview where I was required to list my strengths, weaknesses and where I saw myself in five years. Read More Adventures in Job Searching: My Most “Interesting” Interview

Job Searching for the Anxiety-Stricken

If you know me, you know that I have multiple jobs. 4 jobs, to be exact. I have 2 part-time jobs and 2 freelance jobs. I’m also a full-time graduate student. Why I insist on taking on such a heavy workload is beyond me. Perhaps it’s the appeal of knowing that this load will make me too busy to focus my attention on my anxiety. Or maybe it’s because I feel more valuable when I am busy with a multitude of to-dos on my list. It could be both. Read More Job Searching for the Anxiety-Stricken

Lunchtime Poll: Discretion or Honesty?

My husband says that I offer up too much information, doing myself a disservice in the act. I just like to think I’m a rule follower. Yes, I will declare that jar of jam that we’re bringing back from England, it’s fruit. I don’t want them to do a random search and find it and say I was hiding something. But sometimes… he might be right. Case in point… Read More Lunchtime Poll: Discretion or Honesty?

Positivity Challenge Week 8: The Job Search

It’s possibly one of the most demoralizing things that can happen. Whether it’s downsizing, firing, end of a contract, or other reasons, losing a job can be stressful to your mind and body, your finances, and your relationships. On top of the stress of losing your job is the pressure to find another one and quickly. No small feat in today’s job market. Even if you’re not coming off a job loss, a graduate looking for their first job, a recent transplant to another city, or a new mother getting back into the workforce, trying to find a job can be full-time work in itself – one with a pretty high rate of rejection. How do you keep yourself focused and keep from giving up? Read More Positivity Challenge Week 8: The Job Search

Groovy Cool Jobs!

Welcome back to Cool Jobs! Some weeks doing this roundup is easier than others, and some weeks doing this roundup is a depressing window into how difficult it is in many areas of the country to even find a job posting that isn’t soul-crushing. However, in my opinion, the main purpose of this feature is not necessarily to find the perfect jobs for Persephone readers, though it is my not-so-secret hope and dream that some of you will find the perfect posting in this column, but rather to keep people aware that there are jobs out there somewhere, and to give Persephone friends the opportunity to make each other aware of open positions in their companies or areas, and, of course, to bring hilarious Craigslist scams and awkwardly worded postings to your attention.

Read More Groovy Cool Jobs!

Flavor Blasted Cool Jobs!

At my current place of employment I do a lot of the basic hiring functions like receiving resumes, sending out contracts and new hire forms, and being one of the primary contacts between job seekers and the people who decide who gets a job and who doesn’t. I thought I’d add to the subject matter already covered by the esteemed pileofmonkeys in “Adventures in Hiring” by giving you the top few ridiculous things that I routinely see people do in the hiring process. Read More Flavor Blasted Cool Jobs!

The Revenge of Cool Jobs!

So this happened, and this is happening, and there are a lot of things to be angry about. Being angry can take up a lot of your time (and I should know as I am a champion angry person) that would perhaps be more productively spent looking for employment that will help hoist you from the very bottom of the 99% to somewhere in the middle of the bottom of the 99%. Read More The Revenge of Cool Jobs!