My First Day

The first day of my first teaching job was a faculty prep day right before the beginning of the school year. I was 22 and scared out of my mind, and had no idea what I was in for. I got the call about a week before; the details of my job were vague. It was unclear if I would be working in a regular classroom setting or if kids would be pulled out of class to see me or if I was to be helping another teacher. It didn’t matter; I was thrilled just to have a job. Read More My First Day

Hateful Rhetoric: A story from the inside

For my politics column today, I’d wanted to write about President Obama’s speech last night at the memorial for the victims of this past weekend’s shooting, and about virulent language in public debate more generally. So much of it has been said already (such is the downfall of writing weekly on the subject, rather than daily) with varying levels of accusation, defensiveness, and rational discussion in tone. Read More Hateful Rhetoric: A story from the inside