Adjunct Land: Why Didn’t I Think of That?

I tend not to respond to op-eds, columns, and blog posts about adjuncting. I’d never have time for anything else. But Charlotte Allen’s recent op-ed for the L.A. Times contains a worn argument that I can’t ignore anymore: “Don’t be an adjunct.”

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Is Graduate School a Job?

For some reason, I am mildly enamored with life advice/self-help essays and seminars. Maybe it is because these essays distill years of experience into highly concentrated, sometimes over-simplified advice. Maybe it’s because I like seeing how others interpret their paths to success, what they identified as holding them back, and what they think can lead everyone into a brighter tomorrow. Who knows. In any event, I recently got to see and read about two very different attitudes towards graduate school and whether it should be treated like a job, and I have no idea which one is right. Read More Is Graduate School a Job?

A Day in the Life: Women Clergy

“Called by God.” There are few vocations in life to which we say people are divinely challenged, led, or directed. But as clergy, we find ourselves in that unusual category.

We each experience it in a different way. Some as children. Some later in life. Some in very direct, obvious, in-your-face moments. Some are quiet whisperings of the Spirit that guide us gently into serving the church, synagogue, fellowship, congregation, or whatever our body of faith might be called.

However we come, serving our flock, serving our God, is what we do.

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Ask Luci – 3/17

Cat with a frustrated expresionI’m here with a new name and one question today.  But I still love to tell people what to do with their lives, so don’t forget to submit your questions here or e-mail me! Read More Ask Luci – 3/17

Lunchtime Poll 1/7

It’s FRIDAY! Finally! That first week after a break almost promises to be less fun than herding cats.  Unless you’re a cat herder, which of course would be exactly as much fun as herding cats.  Today’s lunchtime poll wants to know what you’d do with your job if you won the lottery.  Would you be one of those folks who stays on at the job with millions in the bank, or would you tap dance on your boss’s desk singing “Take This Job and Shove It”?

You made it through Monday

garfield hates mondaysToday’s wrap-up is a little later than I planned due to some unexpected mishaps with public transportation.  But don’t worry, I have purchased a mini-iron so you can all rest easy knowing that my craft projects that involve tiny sewing will be much easier.  Phew!  And what would a Monday be without several catastrophes?

Thanks for getting us through another day!  How is everyone adjusting to the time change? Sometimes I like it when it gets dark early because it makes me feel like I’ve worked really hard when it’s dark when I get out of work….you know, if I had a job.

I was going to put up a little wrap up song in the comments, but I can’t figure out how to insert videos.  So why don’t you tell me your favorite song for listening to on a Monday!